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Privacy Policy

1. Data Policy Objectives

We value your right to privacy and protection of your personal data, so we are committed to complying with the current regulations: REGULATION 2016/679, data protection of natural persons.

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform how we collect, use, handle and safeguard your personal data, as well as inform and provide tools to establish your rights over it.

We collect your personal data to:

  • Improve interactions with our customers, prospective customers and suppliers, namely the offer of our services and products, as well as to ensure good business relations.

  • For contact management obtained by contact forms, job applications, or spontaneous job applications.


Your personal data is kept for the exclusive use of AGIX, lda and will not be shared or provided to external entities. With the exception of the situations provided for in this Policy and only when informed and obtained the record of the user's manifestation of free will.

This policy is subject to change, these will always be made available on our website, so its consultation is essential.

We invite you to read carefully and accept the data policy.

​2. What is understood by personal data

Personal data is any information about a specific, identified or identifiable person, called the data subject. Examples of personal data: name, address, identification number, location data, social and cultural profile.

3. Our Privacy Policy
3.1. Responsible for data processing 

The management of your personal data by AGIX, LDA is carried out by:

Contact person: Valter Sousa

How to contact us:

By phone: +351 244 881 478

By e-mail:

At our address:


Rua da Floresta, nº800

2410-021 Azabucho Leiria


We always appreciate your contact to improve our service, as well as suggestions for improve our privacy policy.

3.2. What data is recorded and how it is collected

Type of data collected

In order to provide our services and products, data is collected to ensure the relationship with our customers, suppliers, visitors or anyone else who interacts with AGIX. In order to ensure effective communication, we need to obtain essential data such as your identification, your company and your interlocutors, telephone contacts, addresses, as well as data that is essential to commercial relations: tax, banking and contractual .

We may also request location, demographic and statistical data to improve our service offering.

Means of collection

All data provided by you directly or by filling out our contact forms.

Data may also be obtained by indirect means such as:

- AGIX campaigns;

- Public contacts;

- Databases of accredited entities;

- From partner companies or companies that provide services to our company;

- By indication of people or companies that referred you;

- Through social networks.

3.3. How information is recorded and what it is used for

If you are our customer or supplier, the data obtained about you and your company will be used for the proper functioning of the business relationship.

If you are just a visitor, the data will be collected for your identification, security and for the divulgation of the services provided by AGIX.

If you have submitted a response to a job application on a dedicated form or through the contacts provided, the data you have submitted will be recorded for the duration of the job offer. Except when informed and obtained the registration of the user's expression of free will, the data will be kept for contacts of future job offers.

3.3.1 How we record your data

AGIX processes your customer and supplier data in customer management, supplier management, project management and accounting software, which ensure the information management and security of your data.

We record your job application data through a human resources platform.

3.4. Data sharing

We may be required to share your data to comply with legal obligations:

- To tax authority, audit or other authorities to comply with legal obligations;

- Related to our company: to service provider performing functions on our behalf, outside consultants, business partners, lawyers and auditors;

- Related to our operation: suppliers and providers of technical or scientific services.

The sharing of data with the others is limited access to your personal data, restricted only to those necessary for the execution of budgets or the contracted projects. The others are obliged not to reveal, in any way, personal data or use them for purposes other than the provision of the services contracted by us.

3.5. How we protect your data

Your data is important, we use means and techniques that we consider adequate to protect your data from misuse, loss of information or unauthorized access.

3.6. How long your data is stored

If you are our customer:


During the all process the budgeting and contracting of the services or projects. In case of non-contracting, for 6 months.

During the supply process. After the closing of the project your data is kept to safeguard the warranty and maintenance of the equipment.

For invoicing and for as long as legally required;

Or based on your informed and recorded consent;

If you are our supplier:


During the all budgeting process up to the supply of the products or services. In case of non-supply during 6 months.

For invoicing and during the time legally required;

Or based on your informed and recorded consent;


If you have applied for a job offer:

If you have submitted a response to a job application on a dedicated form or through the contacts provided, the data you have submitted will be recorded for the duration of the relevant job offer. Except when informed and obtained the registration of the user's expression of free will, the data will be kept for future job offer contacts.

3.7. How to consult your data, how to change them and how to delete them

To consult your data, change it or make the deletion request you should contact the data controller, indicated in. We will deal with your request within a reasonable time in compliance with applicable legal requirements:

- If you detect that your personal information is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, request your change immediately. Your request will be logged and you will get a response confirming the change;

- You have the right to object if you do not agree with the use of your data.

- You have the right to remove or change the consent for data use;

- You have the right to request to see your data and confirm for what purposes it is being used;

- You have the right to request that your data be deleted;

- You have the right to transferred your data from our company to another entity;


If you contact us for any of the on requests you may be required to provide proof of your identity.

We may have to keep your data, even if you have requested any of the listed requests, for legal reasons or for scientific interest, you will be informed if it is one of these cases.

3.8. hyperlinks

Our digital documents or AGIX website may have links to other websites. AGIX is not responsible for the privacy policies practices of the others. We always advise you to read the privacy policies of the other website.

3.9. Use of Cookies

Our website uses Cookies to improve the experience of your visit, as well as to obtain statistical data.

The information obtained during your navigation on our website through cookies respects the settings configured in your browser.

With your permission, we may use this information for marketing or advertising purposes, see cookie settings.

If you refuse our Cookies Policy, you may not be take full advantage of our Web Site.

3.10. Policy in non-EU countries

If you are a customer, supplier or visitor from outside the European Union, your personal data will be treated with the same Privacy Policy.

Update date: 11/22/2022

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