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Robotic cell for quality inspection

The robotic cell works in cycle with the injection machine.

The 8 plastic parts are extracted from the mould using the KR16 robot equipped with an customized EOAT, that deliver parts on the rotation station over the jigs. The EOAT collects the parts placed in the correct position and moves to the artificial vision station.

Quality control is ensured by 5 Cognex CIC-1300 cameras, which perform 5 different inspections. The artificial vision system detects defects all around part geometries, searching for anomalies resulting from both plastic and rubber injection: lack or excess of material, existence of burrs, detachments or dirt.

OK parts are delivered over the output conveyor belt.

If a NOK part is detected, it will be deposited in the rejection Buffer.

During the cycle, a selection of parts are sent to the inspection buffer for future laboratory analysis.


Dreamplas Ltd.


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