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Tube palletizing cell

The robotic cell AG60 - CPT10 is divided into three workstations:


- Station 1: Picking up the plastic everything after extrusion;

- Station 2: Vacuuming the plastic waste in the tube;

- Station 3: Measuring the diameter of the tube;  


The AG60 - CPT10 robotic cell is working simultaneously with the tube extrusion machine. After extrusion process the tube, the collaborative robot picks up the tube and places it into Station 2.

Station 2 is equipped with a vacuum system. The purpose of this station is to remove the plastic residues resulting from the cutting process that remains inside the tube. The collaborative robot pick the tube and places it into station 3.

At station 3 the diameter of the plastic tube will be measured to verify if respects the quality requirements. The robot will place the tube into the storage area if it complies with the quality requirements. Otherwise the tube will be placed in the NOK parts station.

AG60-00C 00D - FINAL 1.png

Station 2

Station 1

Station 3

Custom Development:

In Project AG60 - CPT10 all stations were custom-developed to handle the various stages of the process, also was necessary to custom develop a Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling(EOAT).




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