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Automatic system for toilet finishing  


Development of a robotic cell to perform finishing tasks on ceramic toilets reducing dependence on manual work, eliminating exhausting tasks to be carried out manually by operator and increasing the economic profitability of the process with the medium-term amortization of the equipment purchase.

The cell was divided into two working stations: station 1 [1] and station 2 [2].

Robotic cell layout:


Process finishing tasks on the base.


Process finishing tasks on the top and inner body.


Automation process details and functionalities:

Workstation 1: 

Finishing tasks on the base of the ceramic toilets. At this station there are two types of tools: Cutting Tool [A] and rotating sponge tool  [B].


[A] Opening holes for water vapour draining.


[B] 2 levels of roughness and diameter

Edge smoothing of the body base plane, smoothing the parting line resulting from the mould joints offset (2 sides and 1 front) and edge smoothing and rectification of the evacuation tube.


Workstation 2:   

Finishing tasks on the top and inner body of the ceramic toilets. This station uses the blade and scraper tasks [C] and rotating sponge and cone tool tasks [D].

[C] Rough removal of material with blade and a scraper in the arch joint zone and with scraper on the back of the body.


[D]Fine finishing of the arch junction and back of the body, excess material removal of the injection point, cone tool finishing of the hole for water flushing and edge smoothing of the arch holes.


Design and engineering tools

KUKA.Sim - Production Process Simulation

We present the digital twin, simulated with the KUKA.sim software, used to anticipate the production process of the AG40-RAS20 robotic cell.

This case study is an example of how we make complex projects come to life, even before implementation!

Main advantages:

Accelerate the project cycle: concept, validation, optimization and delivery time.

Safe layout concept with operations simulation.

Optimization of the all operating system: time, reaches and collision-free

Sharing with the client: operation visualisation before commissioning.



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