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AGIX Flexible feeding system for automated assembly cells and production lines.


When the production systems deals with many types of parts, custom made vibrating systems it's an requirement:

 They are not customized for a specific part, can be reused for subsequence projects.

Can quickly be configured to work with a different part or project.

Can work with different parts simultaneously.

Flexible feeding system layouts and features:

  • Vibration platform - vibrates to evenly distribute part. 

  • Autonomy unit - Keeps the vibration platform with the correct number of parts.

  • Vision system - identifies the parts that are in correct position to be picked.

  • Transfer system - 6 axis robot or cartesian system to pick the parts and place them on assembly system.

Cartesian System:

Cartesian system to pick parts from vibrating platform and delivers to positioning Jig

Robot with EOAT to transfer parts and feed assembly system

Robot System:

Robot to pick parts from vibrating platform and delivers to positioning Jig

Robot to transfer parts and feed assembly system

Customizable flexible feeding system with cartesian system:

Customizable Features:


  • Jig preparation for manually or automated mounting work.

  • Component sorter and organization.

Vision systems with 2MP or 5MP Cognex cameras:

  • To preform pick and place.

  • To quality control of parts.

Custom made Cartesian System:

  • Up to 1000x1000mm working area.

Multiple parts manipulation:

  • Possible to mounting multiple grippers simultaneously: standard or customized inner/outer grippers, suction pumps and magnetic grippers. 

  • Possible to incorporate multiple autonomy feeding units.

  • Possible to sorter more than one componant in the same vibrator platform.

Flexible feeding systems:

  • Multiple part manipulation and processing in the same autonomy unit.

  • Easy system conversion to be used in new projects.

  • Configurable vibration modes.

  • Extendable autonomy with hopper systems.

PLC/Robot Integration:

  • IOS

  • Profinet Protocol

  • Other protocol systems required.

system layout:

  1. Parts to be sorted.

  2. Autonomy unit.

  3. Cartesian system X axis.

  4. Vision system.

  5. Vibration platform.

  6. Cartesian system Y axis.

  7. HMI interface.

  8. Support plate for template.

  9. Template.

  10. Gripper.

  11. Cartesian system Z axis.

Meets all system needs

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