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Tape 3M application robotic cell custom to automotive parts - Pillar A & B


Example of a tape application robotic cell custom developed for an automotive project. The cell is equipped with a dynamic tension control system to assure tape tension and improve quality of application. This equipment contains a precision rotary table allows 4 simultaneous operations to improve cycle time.

Robotic cell layout:

[Station 1]

Part load and unload

Model and presence control template

[Station 2]

Surface preparation with plasma

[Station 3]

Application of Scotch tape

Tension control and automatic tape cutting

[Station 4]

Pull-tab application

Quality control - Presence of pull tap and quality control of the adhesive tape route


Automation process details and functionalities:  

Quick Change Jigs – Facilitates configuration for different part models


Quick exchange jigs to facilitate the usage with multiple parts, the system checks the jigs id to ensure correct setup.

The operator can easily and safely load and unload parts from the cell.


Plasma surface preparation

To improve tape adhesion, plasma surface preparation is made before tape application.

AG97-ASM-004-1.1 sub.png

Compact Tape Application EOAT

The tape is cut with precision blades and positioned by anti-adhesive coated precision mechanism.

Custom made compact Tape Application EOAT able to reach difficult spots in complex part geometries.

AG97-ASM-006-1.1 sub.png

Automatic pull tab welding

To facilitate removal of the protective film from the tape on the assembly line, a pull tab is welded to both ends of the tape.

Precise control of welding temperature, pull tab length and cut.

AG97-ASM-007-1.2 sub.png

Artificial Vision for Tape and Pull Tab Quality Control

Both Pull Tab & Tape presence and path is controlled by Cognex artificial vision system.

With the Cognex bead inspection tool, the quality and path of the tab are rigorously inspected.

AG97-ASM-009-1 sub.png
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