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Over-mould | Press-fit robotic cell

We present an example of an automation project designed to optimize two different processes in the same robotic cell. An over-mould cycle, consisting of a metal insert singularization system with artificial vision and robotic integration. A post-moulding cycle consisting of a press-fit system, conveyor belt, over-moulding verification station and a KUKA KR16 robot for handling.

The AG78 - HHN robotic cell was developed to produce two plastic boxes that have different geometries and different needs for metallic components application.

Both boxes have a base and a cover, and require the application of 2 inserts and two washers, respectively.


The developed solution allowed a full optimization of the robotic cell, processing the four parts/four moulds, in two work cycles, resulting in the reduction of tools and time in the reset of the cell to preform the different plastic parts. The reset of the cell requires changing the EOAT and jigs, which were designed for a quick exchange.


In these video we share the layout and the performing video.




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