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Safety goggles assembly line

The AG54 - LMPG robotic cell was developed to assemble safety goggles

This cell is divided into several workstations:

  • Warehouse for eyeglasses;

  • Jit cutting station;

  • Quality control station through an artificial vision system;

  • Goggles mounting station;

  • Goggles packaging.

The automation was developed to work with two injection moulds:

Mold 1: Injection of the goggles temples;

Mold 2: Injection of the goggles lenses

Phase 1: The temples of the glasses are injected and stored in the automated warehouse. Before the stems are stored, the jit is cutted.

Phase 2: The glasses lenses are injected and processed before assembly:

The Cartesian robot collects two lenses from the mould and places them for cutting the jit. Then transports and deposits the lenses into the jig for correct positioning. The KUKA KR30 robot picks up the lenses and moves to the machine vision station for quality inspection.

The robot position the lenses on the mounting station.

Simultaneously, the KUKA KR6 robot collects the temples from the automated warehouse and deposits them on the positioning jigs. The robot collects them in the correct position and mounts them, one by one, on the lenses, completing the goggles.


After assembly, the goggles are transported to the automatic packaging system.



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