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Robotic cell for metal inserts application.

The robotic cell AG38 - BJHT has the particularity to insert metal inserts with the following techniques:

  • Insert placement through the Overmoulding concept;

  • Placement of inserts through the Press Fit concept;​


The robotic cell is divided into three phases: preparation of two types of metal inserts, pick and place of the metal inserts and removal of the plastic part after injection, pick and place of metal inserts and insertion of the same (Press-fit mode) .

For the preparation of the metal inserts - Overmoulding a KUKA KR6 robot and two bowl feeder systems are used. At this station there is a jig part to place the metal inserts so that the Kuka KR16 robot can pick the inserts at once and insert them into the mould. 


After the end of the injection cycle, the KR16 robot removes the plastic part and places it in a jig part that is located in the Press Fit station. At this station the last insert is placed. For the preparation of the metal insert in the Press fit station a flexible feed system and a dedicated KR6 robot is used to perform the Pick and Place of the metal insert. 


Finally a two axis system removes the plastic part from the jig part and places it on the exit conveyor.




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