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Flight packages assembly line

We present our project AG16 - SET600 developed for our client SCOPE. This automatic line was developed to assemble an in-flight set, composed with one sugar stick, one coffee stirrer and one napkin.  


Two simultaneous product separation lines, one for sugar and one for coffee stirrer.
A vibratory hopper transfers the product to the weighting area and transfers to the alignment module.

The alignment module transfers the well-oriented product to the conveyor belt where machine vision detects the product position and a robot picks and places it on the transfer belts.

Finally, the product is drived to a flow-packing equipment.

Layout da célula:  


Product separation line (sugar)


Product separation line (coffee stirrer)

AG16-SET680-ASM-001-R05 - 01A EDIT F..png

Technologies used in the project:

  • Conventional feeding and dispensing

  • Weighing and dosing

  • Artificial Vision

  • Robotics

  • Interpolation and synchronization of servomotors (Motion control)

Custom development:

  • Feeding and distribution unit

  • Weighing and dosing system

  • Belt conveyor and synchronous slot conveyor

  • Robot tools

  • Programming

  • Dosing system in the flowpack




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